10 Things A Man Does That Turn Women Off

There are many times when single women want to meet a nice, respectable man.  For the most part, women want to get to know a man before they decide if he is the one with whom they would get serious.  For the record, I'm not speaking for all women, but I am speaking for over 100 women who agreed to the following list of things that will stop a man dead in his tracks:

10 things a man does that turns women off:

1. Licks in or on your ear
2. Brags about his money/car/belongings
3. Brags about what he can do for you
4. Always talking about sex or his performance
5. Sends random pics of his private areas (especially when you just got his number)
6. Calls me "sexy"
7. Peasy chest hair (taco meat)
8. Men that play the "stepdad" role but can't be a father to their own child
9. Pants sagging/underwear showing
10. Trying to "holla" from the passenger seat

Men... if you are a violator of any or maybe even all of these things, go straight to jail and do not pass go!  You are the weakest link.  You are terminated!  If you were wondering why you haven't been able to get a date and unaware that these things turn us off, now you know.  Knowing is half the battle.  Now go, and sin no more!  Good luck men.

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