50 Cent Throws Some Serious Shade At Singer Ashanti

50 Cent Throws Some Serious Shade At Singer Ashanti

50 Cent throws some major shade at R&B singer Ashanti.  Ashanti was scheduled to perform at Stony Brook University’s concert.  However, the concert was reported cancelled after it only sold 24 tickets.

Stony Brook University released a statement “Stony Brook University released a statement, "As an organization, we do our best to host programs for students while providing diversity and inclusion. However, we have struggled to execute certain aspects. With only a week before the concert, only 24 tickets were sold to students." 

To Ashanti’s defense, Teyana Taylor was originally scheduled as the headliner for the concert.  Teyana pulled out 2 weeks prior to the date of the concert.  50 Cent immediately throws shade via an Instagram tweet: Wait a minute, I thought I told everybody not to f**k with this fool. I want the names and social’s of everybody who bought a ticket now. LOL GET THE STRAP.”  Since 50 Cent and JaRule’s beef goes back almost 20 years, anybody close to JaRule is in the line of fire.  Unfortunately, Ashanti is not off limits. 

In my opinion, this is a two-decade old beef.  The fire was supposed smothered at some point, but was not completely put out.  The beef was reignited at some point and both 50 and JaRule are still firing shots.  I would take this opportunity to expound upon the history of this beef, but... I don't believe anyone cares at this point.  People who were interested in the rap beef back in 1999-2005 are no longer interested.  Most millenials aren't even aware of who JaRule and Ashanti are, nor are they familiar with their music.  That being said, I will leave that right there.  No shade on my part!  (If you're curious about the beef just Google it)

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