Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Spice Bleached Skin Explained

Spice of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta shocked her fans and followers when she posted a picture on her Instagram appearing to have completely bleached her skin.  Spice captioned the pic, “Nothing wrong with a fresh start”.  Spice also solicited her followers to pre-order her mixed tape.  Her fans went crazy after seeing the picture because she’s a dark-skinned woman of Jamaican descent.

Fans began saying, "Wow, I can’t believe this!", "What tf have you done?", "Girl you crazy!"  Unbeknownst to majority of the public, she was promoting her mixtape, particularly a track titled “Black Hypocrisy”, hence the new look.  Spice deleted all of her pics on her Instagram and left the sole pic of her light-skinned self. Some of the lyrics of "Black Hypocrisy are: "Well, since yuh seh that I'm too black for you, I'll please yuh, do I look how you want me to? Now I'm gonna see if you gonna say I'm too brown for you. Or do I look pretty to you?  As you know, in Jamaica, black women bleach their skin because they believe lighter skin is more beautiful.

Is this a bad move for Spice or a job well done?  I think this is a really good publicity stunt.  Spice definitely got everyone's attention.  Her single "Black Hypocrisy" debuted at  #1 on the US Raggae charts.  Her efforts paid off.  Some people have been speculating that Spice really wants to be light-skinned.  Whether this is true or false, women should be comfortable in their own skin.  Black is beautiful!  There are people who are getting tanned just so their skin can be dark.  Take time to understand who you are and embrace it.  Everyone has flaws.  Change the things that are changeable and accept the things that are not.  Each of us are unique and beautiful in our own way.  Always remember... You are fearfully and wonderfully made! "Phenomenal women, that's me!" (Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou).

Photo Credit: Atlanta Black Star

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