Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Tresure Price Arrested

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tresure Price was arrested for a DUI.  According to TMZ, Tresure Price ran a red light and drove several blocks before actually pulling over.  

Apparently, Tresure reeked of alcohol prompting police to conduct a field sobriety test of which she failed.  She was then placed under arrest.  The ordeal takes a turn for the worst when police had to throw on brakes to reportedly avoid hitting someone on a bike.  Police are saying they could hear her slide forward in the back seat, but can’t tell if she hit the cage.  However, Tresure was complaining of face, nose, cheek, and chest pain and said she was going to press charges and sue.  They then drove her to the hospital.  She posted bail following the incident.  No word yet on a lawsuit.

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