O.J. Simpson Twitter War with Parody Account

O.J. Simpson Twitter War with Parody Account

OJ Simpson created a Twitter account two weeks ago.  His first post was one day after the 25th anniversary of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  O.J. is already posting videos and plans to use his account to talk about anything from football to politics.  However, in one of the videos, he addresses the rumors about being Khloe Kardashian’s real father by denying those decades-old accusations. He also denies any involvement with Kris Jenner.

According to the New York Post, OJ’s twitter account @therealoj32 allegedly sent a series of threatening direct messages to a parody account named "@killerOJSimpson".  The parody account features doctored pictures and videos of OJ Simpson smiling while holding a butcher knife in a black-gloved hand. O.J. threatened the parody account to delete the account stating they are posting “false misleading (sic) content that O.J. didn’t post”.  The parody account responded “And if I don’t? You gonna stab me too? In reality I ain’t lying.. You, me and millions know the truth. You Trippin’ over a parody account lol. Welcome to twitter bruh,”.

Simpson’s account shot back saying, “Like I said, delete this ‘Parody’ account as you call it or face serious consequences by me. I’ll find your ass one way or another so don’t mess with me. I got nothing to lose. Grow up!”  O.J. said, “Seen that video you posted about me. You think I’m playing? Tired of all your bulls–t. I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND CUT YOU — Don’t believe me? Just watch and see bitch,”.  The parody account wasted no time in responding, "This is actually funny to me." OJ said “You just wait, I’m gonna blast your ass all over twitter…”  O.J. Simpson is out on parole after his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction.  This could potentially be a violation.



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