Tyrese Child Custody Battle

Tyrese Gibson's child custody battle has been quite unbearable, to say the least.  Not just for Tyrese and his family and friends, but to yours truly.  What I do not condone in any way, shape, or form is child abuse which, clearly in this case, Tyrese has been exonerated.  

Being a single mother raising a boy unassisted, it gets under my skin when women want to make a man's life a living hell.  Majority of the time, they want to give the child's father a hard time because he wants to be in the child's life and not theirs.  Tyrese's marriage to ex-wife Norma Gibson, from 2007-2009, did not work out.  Tyrese has mentioned that he tried to co-parent with his ex, but that has been unsuccessful.  He has moved on and re-married.  Tyrese stated that his ex-wife is bitter because he has moved on.

I have raised my son by myself with little to no help from his father.  Yes, I realize that God designed the "immediate family" to consist of a mother and a father in the same household, raising their child/children.  In a perfect world, single-parent homes would be non-existent.  However, the reality is that things happen.  No one is perfect.  People make mistakes.  I am not exempt.  Nevertheless, my son is here and I love him to death.  I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Needless to say, this is why it gets under my skin that women want to make their child's father's life miserable.  Not only are you hurting this man by not allowing him to see his child, you are hurting the child too!  At the very least, the child deserves better.  Norma Gibson could have had the misfortune of having a man who wanted nothing to do with his child.  Instead, she has a loving and caring child's father who wants to be a part of his child's life and take care of her.  You have this man on social media crying.  Leave this man alone and let him have his child. 

Ladies, stop exerting your power as a mother to seek revenge against you're child's father for whatever reason.  It will come back on you.  Take co-parenting classes.  Learn to co-parent.  Do it for your child.  Not every relationship is meant to be or will last.  Just be grateful that God blessed you with a beautiful child in the midst of something that may not have been meant to be.  You may not see any damage to the kid right now, but in the long run, the child could grow up to resent you for cutting their father out of their life.  Do the right thing like Spike Lee!

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