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Kareem Hunt Cut From NFL Chiefs

There’s a lot of talking going on regarding NFL Chiefs Player Kareem Hunt and it’s not a good look.  Kareem Hunt was accused of brutally attacking a man in a Kansas City nightclub back in January 2018, according to a police report obtained by TMZ.  In the report, the man alleges that around 2am at Mosaic nightclub he witnessed his friend being shoved by 3 men, one of the 3 men was the Chiefs running back George Atkinson.  The man confronted George Atkinson and Atkinson punched him in his shoulder. The man tried to fight back, but Atkinson and his boys, including Kareem Hunt, beat him down to the point that he ended up in the ER to be treated for a broken rib, broken nose, bruises, and contusions and he believed that he was knocked unconscious.

The man filed the report 4 days following the incident after being encouraged to do so by family members.  No arrests were ever made nor any charges filed in this incident.  According to TMZ, the victim mysteriously stopped cooperating with investigators after filing the report.  In another incident, Kareem Hunt was caught on camera shoving and kicking a woman.  The woman was basically saying that she was kicked out of their room after she refused to hook up with one of Kareem’s friends.  On the flip side, the friends are saying that she went crazy after she was asked to leave and called Kareem the n-word and she allegedly pushed one of Kareem’s female friends when the altercation ensued. The NFL and Cleveland police department launched an investigation.  

Eventually, the surveillance video surfaced, thanks to TMZ and Kareem was cut from the Chiefs.  He also allegedly got into another altercation in June at a hotel where he was staying.  The man, who was also a guest at this resort, alleges that Kareem punched him in the face. He did not seek medical attention nor file a police report.  Kareem has apologized for his actions in the incident involving the woman, saying “he regrets the whole thing”. (Similar to the Ray Rice incident. Ray Rice has said he would try to help Kareem).  A shocking, or maybe not so shocking, twist to this story is that TMZ reports that minutes after the Kansas City Chiefs decided to cut Kareem from the team, TMZ were immediately flooded with emails calling them a—holes, pieces of sh*t, Tom Brady supporters and everything else, but a child of God, because they broke the story including the video which the NFL was unable to obtain.

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Dwight Howard Accused of Being Gay

Over the past Thanksgiving weekend, it was more things being dished than leftover turkey!  Author Masin Elije, who identifies as a gay man/cisgender, accused Washington Wizards NBA player Dwight Howard of sexual harassment and threatening his life. Masin unleashed a series of tweets to expose Dwight Howard of whom Masin is claiming is his ex-boyfriend.  According to Vibe, Masin claimed to have met Dwight on the set of ‘Wild ‘N Out’. Masin claims the two made eye contact and a week later [Dwight] was in his DMs. It escalated to intimate photos being exchanged to IG video chats and things got serious. Masin tells the story via a series of tweets.  So, according to Masin, their alleged relationship started to deteriorate after Masin learned that Dwight was sleeping with other people. Masin assumed he was sleeping with prostitutes, but later determined he was attending transgender sex parties.

After Masin found out Dwight was attending the transgender sex parties, he confronted Dwight who, at this point Masin claims, threatened him.  Masin said he started getting threatening calls and a guy who works for Dwight named Calvin got “irate, disrespectful and homophobic” after Masin refused to take the “hush money” and sign a non-disclosure agreement.  Masin claims he’s already contacted police out of fear for his life, but if anything happens to him, here is his proof.  He added screenshots of an alleged DM conversation he had with Dwight where he was asking Dwight “Does your mother, brother, friends know that you like to deal with trans and men? Or that’s just something you’ve kept to yourself?” and Dwight replied “Why are you asking me for?”

Here’s the kicker:  Masin accused Playboi Carti of similar allegations last year which proved to be a fake DM conversation that he shared. Someone posted on twitter “you posted this as proof but they were fake DMs. You doing the same thing again but just with Dwight Howard this time… please seek help.”  Dwight Howard has yet to respond to the allegations.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Enters Not Guilty Plea

RapperTekashi69 has entered a “Not Guilty” plea along with being scheduled a September 4th trial date.  As you may or may not know, Tekashi was arrested back on November 18thon Federal charges which included racketeering and firearms charges.  ATF also grabbed his ex-manager Shotti. 

According to TMZ and the legal docs they obtained, Prosecutors said that back in April, Tekashi was waiting in a car outside of a NYC office building and was recording while Tekashi’s manager and others in his camp robbed some of Tekashi’s rivals.  There was another incident where Tekashi was present when someone from his entourage fired shots at another vehicle. 

There was also another incident in July where Tekashi is being accused of ordering a hit on one of his rivals which led to someone being shot in the foot.  TMZ also posted a picture of an AR-15 style rifle that was recovered from Tekashi's Brooklyn home.  He’s already been denied bail despite his attorney Lance Lazzaro’s proposition that Tekashi be released on house arrest after paying the court $750K and surrendering his passport.  The judge wasn’t buying it.  So, he remains in custody.  They recently transferred him to another facility for security reasons as reported by TMZ. This facility is said to house informants.


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Tampa Bay star Jameis Winston has reached a settlement in his sexual battery case which stemmed from an incident back in 2016.  An Uber driver picked him up from a Scottsdale bar and he was reportedly drunk.  As she was driving, Jameis reached over and grabbed her crotch.  According to TMZ, they are in the process of finalizing their agreement.  He has publicly apologized in the past for this incident as he blamed it on the alcoho.  Weinstein has said to have eliminated alcohol from his life.

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