By BigL500 

Emanating from the PhillyCam studios, We Talk Weekly is a TV talk show that addresses various subjects ranging from entertainment and fashion to more serious topics such as black business and entrepreneurship. While the main goal of the show is to educate and uplift, its hosts Charles Gregory and Madim Touch make sure to keep their viewers informed in a way that is both fun and entertaining. Before coming to PhillyCam, Charles Gregory originally got his start in fashion, a passion he still lends his expertise to on the show. He has served as a stylist for stars such as Kindred the Family Soul, Dave Chapelle, and Hill Harper. His work in this area has earned him certifications in Fashion and Wardrobe, Etiquette, Style Consulting, and International Image Excellence. Madim Touch has always had a passion for media as well as music. Before We Talk Weekly she acted as the road manager for the tours of artists such as Santigold, Lauryn Hill, De La Soul, and Amy Winehouse. During her time as a host of We Talk Weekly, she has interviewed numerous artists from the hip-hop and r&b scene. Many of whom have used their appearance on the show as a larger platform to showcase their talents.

It was clear early on that there were elements of something creative and special. When Madim Touch and Charles Gregory were paired together, their infectious energy and on screen chemistry together was undeniable. “I knew right away,” says Madim Touch. “It was clear to everyone. To me, it just wouldn’t work with anyone else. There’d be no We Talk Weekly without Charles or me.” To Gregory, the success of the show can be attributed to a true team effort from everyone involved. “You wanna put yourself around good energy where that rubs off (on you). And so I always leave with that. You wanna surround yourself with good people where y’all have like visions, like minds. And I think that’s where Tish and I succeed the most. I mean its good energy and you can see that in the chemistry that we have. And as long as we stay that way, stay positive, and keep that other good energy around us I think we have no other way but to win.”

With a clear goal in mind, they wanted We Talk Weekly to be a show that touched on the issues that no one else covered. With so many other talk shows in the Philadelphia market alone they didn’t want their show to be formulaic. They wanted to separate themselves from the rest. Spotlighting local up and coming musicians, providing relationship advice, and even in studio cooking from local chefs lighten the mood and have led to many of We Talk Weekly’s more entertaining moments. Bringing on and interviewing entrepreneurs to discuss the importance of education, saving money, and supporting small businesses provides the show with a nice balance and a more serious tone. And while Madim Touch and Charles Gregory have interviewed many insightful guests during the shows’ history, one did stand out as a favorite to both. “Definitely Siddiq’s Water Ice.” Madim Touch recalls. “It was so good! Better than Rita’s. He even won an award for best water ice in the city.” “It’s tough because I liked something about all the interviews. Everyone brought something different to the table,” says Gregory. “But, now that I think about it Siddiq would probably be a favorite for me too.” While the show has built a strong following, keeping the momentum going is not without its challenges. Getting their voice out there and building the We Talk Weekly brand to expand outside of the Philadelphia market are key goals moving forward. “Unfortunately if you’re not visible people will forget about you,” says Gregory. “It’s hard for us to keep up also. We’re kind of like a one-man team. But we’ve got to keep it moving.” Another challenge is the grind of continuing to produce creative and fresh content, which Gregory admits can be stressful at times. “We’ve had the conversations. Do we still wanna do this? Do we still wanna push forward? You know it’s the strain of what are our benchmarks? And are we achieving that?”

As far as advice for young folks who are trying to establish themselves in the world of media Madim Touch stresses the importance of having a mentor. “Dr. James Peterson is a really good mentor of mine Dr. Peterson doesn’t just talk to me about anything TV or production. When it comes to like education or career I talk to him about that kind of stuff too.” Charles Gregory named Fatin Dantzler from Kindred the Family Soul as a mentor to him. Dantzler is a client of Gregory’s and someone he’s worked closely with over the years. “I follow a lot of what he does because he’s excellent at promoting. Everyone knows Kindred the Family Soul. And they don’t have the label so they’re independent. So for them to still be relevant in a market where a machine pushes certain people, and if you don’t have the machine behind you then you become irrelevant. He still sells out shows for the circuit that they’re in. He was a pioneer for the whole neo-soul circuit. So I would probably say he was my number one mentor.”

Gregory also stressed the importance of using social media as a tool separate themselves from the other talk shows and put themselves at the top of the pile. “It’s always about networking and adding to the network. That’s more of an outreach. Social media is all about meeting good people networking with good people. Sharing that good energy and seeing how both of you can continue to see what that next step is. Because you can’t do it yourself. If you’re in a different outlet than me, you’re in a different market than me, so you’re able to put me in a place that I can’t be. And to me, that means a lot.” You can follow Charles Gregory and Madim Touch at @charlesgregory and @madimtouch respectively. We Talk Weekly airs Monday’s at 9:30 pm on both Verizon 29/30 and Comcast 66/966. Previous episodes can be found on the show’s YouTube page at @wetalkweekly. For more information please visit or follow them on all of their social media platforms at @wetalkweekly.